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Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit: Unlock Your Creative Potential

35/50/75 mm T2.0 1.33X  T2.0

Full Frame Anamorphic Prime Cine

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DZOFilm Cinema Zooms 


Full Frame Anamorphic Prime Cine

BARESCO - Ladies  Happy Hour - Viltrox Anamorphics

Viltrox Anamorphics

The revolutionary Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit comprises of three powerful lenses - the 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm T 2.0 - designed to provide you with unparalleled creativity and stunning image quality.


Capture Cinematic Magic

With the Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit, you can achieve that coveted cinematic look that was once exclusive to big-budget films. These lenses offer a unique aspect ratio of 2.4:1, producing those beautiful horizontal lens flares and oval bokeh that instantly add a touch of magic to your shots. Whether it's capturing breathtaking landscapes or portraying intimate human emotions, these lenses will help you tell your story in a truly captivating way.


Unleash Your Creativity

The Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit is more than just a tool for enhancing your imagery - it's an invitation to explore new creative possibilities. With its wide-angle focal lengths and fast T 2.0 aperture, this lens kit empowers you to experiment with depth of field and create visually stunning compositions with ease. Unleash your imagination and bring your visions to life like never before.


Uncompromising Image Quality

Viltrox is renowned for its commitment to delivering uncompromising image quality, and this ethos shines through in the Anamorphic Lens Kit. Each lens is crafted with precision optics and high-quality glass elements to ensure sharpness, clarity, and minimal distortion throughout your footage or stills. From edge-to-edge sharpness to accurate color reproduction, these lenses guarantee professional-grade results every time.


Versatility at Its Best

Whether you're shooting on a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, the Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit has you covered. Compatible with a wide range of camera mounts, including Canon EF, Sony E-mount, and Micro Four Thirds, these lenses offer versatility and adaptability to suit your specific needs. Additionally, the built-in de-squeeze function ensures compatibility with various aspect ratios, enabling hassle-free post-production workflows.


Built to Last

Durability is another hallmark of the Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit. Constructed with a robust metal housing, these lenses can withstand the rigors of frequent use in various shooting conditions. So whether you're capturing stunning visuals in challenging environments or embarking on an ambitious filmmaking project, you can rely on these lenses to be your steadfast creative companions.


Unlock Your Potential with the Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit

The Viltrox Anamorphic Lens Kit opens doors to limitless creative possibilities.. With its unique aesthetic appeal and exceptional image quality, this lens kit will elevate your look to new heights. Don't settle for ordinary; embrace the extraordinary and unlock your true potential with Viltrox. Experience the magic today!

How You Brewin - Viltrox Anamorphic 35mm
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